Chan’s Asian Wok: Food, Family, Faith

Chan’s Asian Wok is a family restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine and a visual and musical taste of China. Eating at the restaurant demonstrates that owner Peter Yang greatly values ​​high-quality Chinese cuisine, family, and his Christian faith.

The Cold Spring restaurant looks like a typical mall restaurant from the outside.

Its interior features tiles, Chinese artwork and images, bamboo and other Chinese decorations. The dining room has red lacquered tables and chairs. A large-screen TV shows programs by Chinese musicians.

Chan’s Asian Wok features authentic Chinese decor. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

Chung Chan, Peter Yang and a few other partners established Chan’s Asian Wok in November 2004. Yang managed the restaurant and became its owner in 2007.

Peter Yang was born in Fujian, China in 1980. He immigrated to New York in 1995, attended cooking school and met his future wife, Nancy, at church. The couple moved to northern Kentucky in 1999. They married at a church in Cincinnati in 2001.

Peter and Nancy live in northern Kentucky and their two children were born here. Ruth, 20, is a student at Northern Kentucky University and Joshua, 19, is a student at the University of Kentucky.

Peter and Nancy Chan value family at home and at work. Photos provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

The Chan family is religious and Christian, as evidenced by their paper placemats, which feature Christian prayers. Chan’s Asian Wok donates food to local Christian ministries.

Chan’s Asian Wok was one of the winners of the “Top 100 Chinese Restaurant in the United States Contest” in 2006, 2007 and 2008. More than 43,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States participate in this contest.

The restaurant menu is mostly Chinese, but there are also some Thai, Korean and Japanese dishes.

Chan’s appetizers include chicken on a stick, Rangoon crab, fried dumplings, fried shrimp, honey boneless baby back ribs, pork spring rolls, shrimp cheese rolls, baked dumplings steam and Thai rolls. Soup options are chicken and veg with spinach noodle soup, egg soup, sweet and sour soup, seafood soup, and wonton soup. Their hot and sour is the most popular soup.

The hot and sour soup is very popular at Chan’s Asian Wok. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

Fried rice dishes come with chicken, pork, vegetables, shrimp or beef. Diners can also select a fried rice combo, which comes with chicken, pork, and shrimp.

There are many noodle dishes. Lo mein dishes come with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetables. Singapore Mei Fun comes with chicken, pork, shrimp and vegetables. Chow’s fun options include beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or vegetables. Combo chow fun includes chicken, pork and shrimp. Lo mein is their most popular noodle dish.

Chan serves a variety of noodles, but lo mein is the most popular. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

Pad Thai comes with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetables. Combo Pad Thai comes with chicken, pork, and shrimp.

There are three diet dinner options: Chicken with Mixed Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, and Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables.

Chan’s poultry dishes include Black Pepper Chicken, Bourbon Chicken, Chicken and Broccoli, Cashew Chicken, Garlic Sauce Chicken, Mixed Vegetable Chicken, Chicken General Tso, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Orange Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Szechuan Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Thai Basil Chicken, and Delicious Chicken. Orange Chicken is their most popular poultry dish.

Chan’s customers seem particularly fond of his orange chicken. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

The restaurant’s pork dishes consist of honey boneless baby back ribs, sweet and sour pork and Sichuan pork.

Their beef options include Beef with Broccoli, Beef with Garlic Sauce, Beef with Mixed Vegetables, Mongolian Beef, and Pepper Steak. Mongolian beef is their most popular beef dish.

Chan’s seafood dishes consist of bang bang prawns, jumbo prawns with broccoli, jumbo prawns with garlic sauce, jumbo prawns with lobster sauce, jumbo prawns with mixed vegetables, salt and pepper prawns, scallops with prawns Garlic, Seafood Combination, Tempura Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Shrimp and Sichuan Jumbo Shrimp. Bang bang prawns are their most popular seafood dish.

Their vegetarian offerings include Broccoli with Garlic Sauce, General Tso’s Tofu, Mixed Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables with Garlic Sauce, Sesame Tofu, General Tso’s Vegetarian Chicken, and Sesame Chicken vegetarian. The vegetarian chicken in their dishes is a Taiwanese “chicken” patty made with vegetables. Vegetarian sesame chicken is the most popular vegetarian dish.

Vegetarians can opt for broccoli with garlic sauce. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

The restaurant offers five signature dishes: Asian Coconut Curry, Ginger Burst, Kung Pao Mandarin, Mongolian and Spicy Korean. All five come with beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, or a combination.

Chan’s Asian Wok has a limited children’s menu. It includes sweet and sour chicken for the kids, chicken lo mein for the kids, and fries for the kids.

Children can order a sweet and sour chicken dish designed just for them. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

They offer five hibachi dishes: chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables and combo.

The restaurant’s beverage selection includes soft drinks and tea.

Peter Yang enjoys living and operating a restaurant in Northern Kentucky.

“Customers tell me they like Chan’s Asian Wok because we’re clean, our food is fresh, and our service is good,” Yang said. “I like Northern Kentucky because the people are kind and family oriented. I like to see families with children in the restaurant.

Peter and Nancy were born in China, met in New York and found happiness at NKY. Photo provided | Chan’s Asian Wok

If you are going to:

Chan’s Asian Wok
359 Crossroads Blvd., Cold Spring
Opening hours: Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., Monday from 10.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday from 10.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

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