CC By Mel – Is the food and drink as good as its presentation? [Review]

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CC By Mel is an upscale casual dining spot known for its flavorful cuisine and impeccable presentation adorned with edible flowers.

Bukit Jalil’s second branch has certainly been a hit with nearby locals, and I recently got to try the dishes for myself during the long weekend vacation.

What I liked

Tropica Nori and Ebi Matcha Sando. Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

We ordered two of their signatures – the popular Tropica Nori and Ebi Matcha Sando – as well as Summer Karaage, Angus Don and Smoked Duck Olio.

Tropica Nori looks like a taco with a shell made from fried seaweed and served in a box. The fillings consist of Japanese rice, fresh salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, avocado, fresh mango and furikake.

You need to squeeze some soy sauce on the toppings before you take a bite. All the ingredients together make for a refreshing blend of taste, and it’s a great snack to have to whet your appetite.

The Ebi Matcha Sando is ideal for sharing as it is cut into four sandwiches. The green tint of the sandwich bread comes from matcha. Sandwiched inside are ebi katsu, tamago, and pickled purple cabbage. It was another delicious snack that was filling but not too heavy.

Clockwise: Smoked Duck Olio, Summer Karaage and Angus Beef. Image: Adeline Leong/TRP.

The egg-mixed rice in Angus beef makes for a comforting meal. The beef is just cooked and soft to chew.

The same can be said of the duck meat in the Smoked Duck Olio, which I loved. Every savory bite was nice as the meat wasn’t tough and the light spice from the chili flakes kept the dish interesting until the end.

Summer Karaage consists of rice and eggs with pieces of soft tofu and chicken karaage. Tender, seasoned chicken paired with a light, savory sauce gives the whole dish a balanced flavor so it won’t be overwhelming at the end of the meal.

From left to right: Dirty Matcha latte, Houjicha Latte and Apple Juice. Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

CC By Mel has also done well with drinks. We tried Dirty Matcha Latte, Houjicha Latte and Apple Juice.

Dirty Matcha Latte is a smooth and balanced blend of green tea and espresso. There is no strong, bitter aftertaste.

If you don’t want espresso in your drink, try the Houjicha Latte. The flavor is light and balanced to complement your meal. The bonus: it is surmounted by an adorable white bear!

I liked that we could choose the sugar levels and the amount of ice we wanted in our drinks. For the apple juice, I went sugar-free with minimal ice to taste the naturally sweet taste of the apples.

Clockwise: Watermelon Cake, Genmaicha Cheesecake, and Cabbage Squad.

Of course, no meal is complete without desserts. We feasted on Genmaicha Cheesecake, Watermelon Cake and Choux Squad.

The Genmaicha Cheesecake is ideal if you want a dessert with light flavors. The cake has an almost chewy texture. It’s creamy and the cornflakes bring a very mild sweetness to the dish.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, watermelon cake tastes refreshing and it’s almost like a palate cleanser at the end of your meal. The tartness of strawberries goes well with the sweetness of watermelon. The tiny cake layers in between are also sweet.

The Choux Squad is great for sharing as it comes with four scoops – two chocolate and two Earl Grey. The choux base wafer was also tasty and it didn’t taste bland and airy like some wafers.

How to go there?

Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

As always, you can always use Google Maps or Waze to get there. There are parking spaces outside the restaurant and you can also park in the basement of the parking lots.

However, you can also park at Bukit Jalil Pavilion and walk to CC By Mel if you want to move the exercise ring in your Apple Watch.

It’s only a five minute walk from the mall and it’s a fairly direct route if you come out of the entrance with the giant Golden Rooster. That’s what I did !

CC by Mel

Address: Residensi Park, 2-13, Persiaran Jalil Utama, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


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