Capcom Cafe launches a limited Monster Hunter menu

Rise of the Monster Hunter has a new expansion pack called Sunburn, and to celebrate, Japan is doing what it does best: opening a cafe concept. At Capcom Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and Koshigaya, Saitama, a new limited Monster Hunter menu is available.

The cafe just opened at the end of August and will run until October. Rise of the Monster Hunter was originally released in March 2021, and the Sunbreak expansion just released in late June 2022. monster hunter is one of the most popular video game series in Japan, and easily one of Capcom’s most notable (and highest-grossing) titles. Even though it’s been out for two months already, that’s not stopping fans from being excited about a new Sunbreak-themed menu at Capcom Cafe.


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Although the Capcom Cafe still offers menu items based on monster hunter, it also offers many beverages and foods from Capcom’s other properties. This new menu is special because that’s all monster hunter Ascent: Dawn theme. There are seven special menu items in all, with entrees, desserts, and drinks all celebrating the latest expansion pack.

First, the main courses. The savory option is black pasta with a striking red tomato sauce meant to represent the Ancient Dragon Malzeno. There’s even an edible image of the dragon on top. The second is a sweeter dish perfect for the hot summer, shaved ice flavored like the famous Japanese ramune soda. He is based on the wyvern Lunagaron, who is new to Sunbreak and has ice powers. Drinks are one of the strengths of Japanese concept cafes, and the monster hunter the menu has four very different ones. You can accompany your pasta with a non-alcoholic Malzeno cocktail, also inspired by the coloring of the dragon.

Then, an ice cold matcha drink themed after mentor character Master Utushi with his likeness on top and a mini dango stick. Then there is a hot chocolate with a pattern of the Otomo Garuku wolf and a bone-shaped cookie. And finally, the last drink is a frozen yogurt made from Sunburn the quest giver Chichae with colors that match her outfit. The dish that really becomes monster hunter excited fans online are the plate of bunny dumplings. This was a new item added to Rise of the Monster Hunter which can be eaten in-game to improve certain skills. At the cafe, dumplings come in four different flavors. For an additional ¥3,300 (about US$20), you can also purchase a special themed plate and teacup set to take home.

For fans who want to try a lot, there are a few sets available that include at least one food and one drink for less than ordering everything separately. Plus, a free coaster comes with any drink ordered featuring one of the game’s 10 random characters and a placemat for each main course. For every ¥3000 spent, a free postcard will also be given away from 19 different designs (though also random).

With so many well-themed menu items, it wouldn’t be difficult for monster hunter fans easily spend at least that much money. Capcom Cafe is always a fun stop for gamers and otaku in Tokyo, but for the next two months it’s even more fun for monster hunter Fans. Reservations are already open for both locations and can be made online through the cafe’s website. How popular monster hunter is in Japan, places will likely fill up quickly, so if you are able to go, book your place soon.

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The Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun The menu will be available at Capcom Cafe from August 26 to October 6, 2022.

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