Burnaby’s Breakfast Battle has a crowded menu for diners

Where do you go out and have lunch?

Three years ago I would have been hard pressed to recommend a place, but these days Burnaby offers a nice range of breakfast choices that go beyond what you’d expect.

My girlfriend doesn’t quite understand the “full breakfast thing” as she calls it – even at home, let alone paying for breakfast. I can’t seem to interest her, so while she sleeps on Sundays, I go out and get my dose of bacon.

That’s why I’m writing about it on a Sunday because breakfast is on my mind.

The Parkcrest Diner on Broadway near Holdom is a good old-fashioned choice, especially for the atmosphere. And please don’t dismiss chain restaurants like Denny’s, Ricky’s and White Spot – they’ve all upgraded their breakfast options by changing their menus to keep up with independents who are drastically changing breakfast menus. Cora on Kingsway also stuns with her huge plates.

But there are three that really stand out from the rest.

The first is Fraser Park Restaurant on Byrne Road in South Burnaby, a hidden gem that has a very loyal clientele who love its home cooking and huge portions.

The place was founded in 1997 by Anton and Sylvia Heggen, who clearly put a lot of love into their cooking.

Take, for example, the German breakfast, consisting of three scrambled eggs with sautéed peppers, onions and cheese. Comes with handmade hash browns, sausage, bacon, ham, potato pancake, and your choice of toast. German Deluxe (add schnitzel and sauce).

Good God, that’s a huge breakfast. Unlock your hollow leg to consume it all.

But the king of breakfasts in Burnaby – according to NOW readers – is OEB in amazing Brentwood.

NOW In 2021, readers voted EPO Burnaby’s Best Breakfast for its incredible dishes that focus on fresh, plentiful ingredients.

I mean you have just taken a look at the OEB menu and there is something to be excited about because of the amazing things they offer.

I tried the crepe made with butter poached lobster and prawns, with truffle pearls and brown butter Hollandaise sauce. I also added a large portion of organic sturgeon caviar and accompanied it with a delicious glass of organic apple juice. I finished things off with their chocolate milk, which was pretty much the best chocolate milk I’ve ever had.

But one of this year most anticipated arrivals on the Burnaby restaurant scene is the Japanese import Gram Cafe, home to world famous soufflé pancakes. The Osaka-based chain has moved to Amazing Brentwood.

Puffed pancakes are those incredibly thick and perfectly round, fluffy, egg pancakes that are stacked in threes. At Gram, they call them their Premium Pancake, and they’re served with an orb of butter, whipped cream, and syrup, but they limit the number they serve each day.

In addition to these “Premium Pancakes”, Gram’s full menu includes other pancake formats, such as “Premium Smile” Stuffed Pancakes, Classic Pancakes, Pancakes Filled with Toppings or Stuffed with Toppings, Breakfast Plates, breakfast, French toast, sandwiches, soups, ice cream and desserts, as well as tea and coffee drinks.

As promised, their Premium pancakes are a hit. They melt in your mouth and strike a nice balance between salty and sweet, and they’re definitely a sight to behold when they land on your table, wiggling and jiggling and looking like they could tip over at any moment.

Other offerings, like their traditional pancakes with toppings, make good use of fun flavor profiles, like baked apple with Earl Gray tea cream and ice cream, or a tastier pancake set with strips of thick, juicy bacon and golden, creamy scrambled eggs. .

So when you’re craving breakfast, you now have so many ridiculously good options. All it takes is a decision that becomes more difficult than choosing a movie on Netflix.

  • With files from Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver is great.

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