Burger King simplifies menu to increase drive-thru times

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  • Burger King plans to simplify its menu and remove some products that have become too complicated to build in order to improve drive-thru times, José Cil, CEO of parent company Restaurant Brands International, said on Wednesday at the conference. Morgan Stanley Global Consumer and Retail Virtual Conference.
  • The chain will also improve menu designs to make it easier for customers to make quick decisions behind the wheel, he said, adding that Burger King has added new technology to the back of the house for making sandwiches. in order to improve the precision of the commands.
  • Burger King’s drive-thru time was 359 seconds in 2021, according to QSR Magazine 2021 Drive-Thru Study, placing it fourth before last in service speed among the 10 chains analyzed. Comparatively, her average drive-thru time was around 344 seconds in 2020, per SeeLevel HX Drive-thru annual survey 2020.

Dive overview:

Burger King has increasingly focused on improving its driving performance since 2020. Last year the chain started making its debut. outdoor digital menu boards with the objective of installing 40,000 digital screens offering predictive sales technology, loyalty integration and remote and contactless payment by mid-2022. At the end of the third quarter, 50% of Burger King’s drive-thru had these menu boards, and 75% are expected to receive them by the end of the year, Cil said at the company’s conference. Q3 call in October.

These digital menu boards have improved efficiency and average control, Cil said. at the Morgan Stanley event. Burger King’s latest strategy could reinforce these early improvements.

“All of this is aimed at making operational improvements and managing the drive-thru capacity, which, given the increased volume of drive-thru, is really an easy win in terms of additional volume in our business,” said Cil said at the Morgan Stanley conference. “We have become too slow and we need to fix it to have a higher throughput in the business.”

Drive-thru represents 80% of Burger King’s sales, Cil said during the third quarter call. Improving this channel will therefore help increase same-store sales volumes and overall system-wide sales, both of which have gained momentum since 2020. Comparable sales increased by 7.9% . for Burger King in the third quarter compared to a 7% decline in the previous year quarter, while system-wide sales were up 12.3% in the third quarter, down from a decrease of 7.9 % in the quarter of the previous year, according to an earnings release.

The company also continued to roll out its Burger King of Tomorrow modernization efforts, which began in 2018. By the end of the year, about a quarter of its locations will have the remodeled Burger King of Tomorrow, said Eyelash at the Morgan Stanley. conference.

Compared to previous reimaging programs that were rolled out from 2011 to 2014, the latest store redesign has more improvements in drive-thru, including dual drive-thru where available, exterior digital menu boards and other technologies, Cil said. Burger King is also testing two new prototypes in Miami, Latin America and the Caribbean this year that have dedicated mobile ordering and curbside pickup areas, drive-thru and walk-in areas, and customer service. improved steering wheel with new constructions.

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