Burger King Menu pushes beyond the Whopper


If there is anything that Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) – Get the Restaurant Brands International Inc report Burger King doesn’t shy away from taking risks that some fast-food chains consider far too risky.

Its recent decision to reinvent the Whopper, its flagship product, is certainly inventive, but not quite what one might consider adventurous – it’s just a Whopper on a new kind of bread.

And while Burger King’s foray into more eco-friendly packaging and practices is admirable, it’s down the same path as chains like Starbucks. (SBUX) – Get the Starbucks Corporation report sued, so nothing landmark there.

But where the chain really shines is when it gets downright wacky about its inventions, like pairing a new line of sandwiches with the peak moment of a sexual encounter or deliberately making a burger look unappealing – but still delicious, causing staggering amounts of internal conflict.

And since this approach generated 60% of Burger King’s global sales, it’s safe to say we can expect burgers wearing edible top hats, piled high with more meat than a skyscraper, and just general ridicule that makes it a bit fast food. More fun.

Here is the rest of the menu.

What is Burger King’s new burger?

In 2021, Burger King Japan released a sandwich that was deliberately created to be too big in a customer’s mouth.

So named “Big Mouth”, this line was a success from its inception.

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Burger King clearly saw that its customers liked the idea of ​​having a lunch so huge they would have to cut it in half to eat it, and it decided to create more versions of it, which led to the limited edition of “Hash & Chili”. release in March 2022.

Determined to keep the Big Mouth hype going, BK has announced another limited edition release which is now on sale in its restaurants until May 19.

Although not as stacked as the notoriously huge King Yeti burger, the new Big Mouth burgers are pretty wild.

The Bacon Booster comes with eight pieces of bacon, plus two flame-grilled patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, pickles, and your choice of condiments, while the Cheese & Cheese swaps the bacon for more of cheese and a spicy sauce.

Not only are these sandwiches huge, but they are also expensive. Prices start at 1,280 yen (US$9.81) and go up to 1,580 yen (US$12.11), bringing both sandwiches closer to what you might expect when ordering a craft burger at a place nicer than you would expect to pay driving. through.

However, people will likely pay the price, as previous incarnations of the Big Mouth have all worked well in their limited runs, and a consumer is more likely to pay more for an item branded as “limited edition”.

QSR has yet to introduce this line in the US, although it recently said it plans to expand the Whopper brand this year, so expect more innovations along the lines of Whopper Melt.

Despite customer interest in social media-worthy fast food and the growing presence of food bloggers on YouTube, the craziest thing about Burger King US’s current menu pales in comparison to those giant burgers.

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