Burger King Launches Gourmet “Couture Sauce” Clothing to Celebrate New Menu

Fast food chain Burger King launched a bespoke shirt as part of their new fall collection – called the Sauce Couture line.

In order to celebrate the new additions to the ‘Gourmet Kings’ menu, the much-loved restaurant entered the fashion world and created its first clothing line.

The first item on offer is a plush shirt that contains the same ingredients as the burgers; tomatoes, arugula, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy onions and bacon – sounds delicious to you, doesn’t it?

Those wishing to get their hands on the essential shirt can do so by simply offering themselves the burger “The Argentin” or “The Steakhouse” via the app to participate in a raffle.

Burger King has entered the fashion industry with its tasty new collection

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If the mouth-watering shirt is your thing, don’t waste time because the offer is only available while stocks last.

The item will be available for only 100 lucky customers, so hurry up and treat yourself to one of the delicious burgers, which will also give you a free drink and fries with your order.

Are you going to rush to win one of the jerseys?
Are you going to rush to win one of the iconic shirts?

Burger King UK Brand and Communication Director, Soco Nunez said: “After months of preparation, we are delighted to reveal our passion project to the world and celebrate the new Gourmet Kings range, in collaboration with two artisans from tip: Katy Eary and Tissue Surgeon. “

“We want our fans to enjoy the premium ingredients in The Argentinian and The Steakhouse burgers without worrying about spills and urge them to get gloriously messy!” “

Fans reacted to the jersey on social media
Fans reacted to the shirt’s launch on social media

Fans of the fast food chain took to social media to share their opinions, as one Instagram user said: “Finally! thing on your top. “I want one.”

Another wrote: “The level of marketing the bk interns devised appealed to me.”

A third said: “Does working at Burger King mean I can wear free Burger King shirts every day without anyone questioning it?”

The brand collaborated with designer Katie Eary to design the shirt
The brand collaborated with designer Katie Eary to design the delicious shirt

To make sure the shirt looks great, Burger King collaborated with designer Katie Eary, who previously worked with Mr. Porter and Kanye West’s Yeezy brand.

Commenting on the partnership, Katie said: “I am honored to work with such a well established restaurant and Burger King UK has given me the creative license to create something fresh and unique.

“Plus, I love how each shirt will deliver a tangible benefit for the lucky Brits who get their hands on one – a worry-free way to indulge yourself, spill or not, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

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