Best Sushi Recipes – How to Make Sushi Rolls at Home


Do you like Japanese sushi? U.S. too! While this may seem like a delivery or takeout-only meal, we’re here to tell you that it’s totally doable at home. Although it takes a long time to become a professional sushi chef (seriously, they train for up to 10 years!), you (yes, you!) can make delicious rolls with just a few key ingredients and techniques. The best part? We’ve included a few classic recipes here, but you can really fill them with anything. you craving—tempura, veggies, pickles… doesn’t have to be limited to fish. Check out our best sushi recipes for ideas – you’ll only get better with practice, so give it a go!

It’s all about rice. The word sushi actually means “sour rice” in Japanese, so if you want to try sushi at home, you have to get it right. Don’t be intimidated, we have a guide to sushi rice to get you started. Basically, you’ll be adding rice wine vinegar (the “sour”) to your rice in a particular way. If it’s not perfect the first time, no worries, your buns will still be delicious.

The world is your oyster… er, sushi-grade fish. If you’re looking to make authentic sushi with raw fish, you’re going to be looking for the best you can find. While we’re generally all in favor of a frozen food swap, here it will compromise flavor and taste, so go for fresh. Talk to a fishmonger to help you choose something (insist on you going to eat it believed). Check out our rainbow roll to see how we put raw tuna, raw amberjack and raw salmon to good use. If you don’t have access to high quality fish, don’t worry. Many good rolls use imitation crab (also known as crab stick or surimi), like our Spicy Crab Roll. You can also use tempura, like in our Dragon Roll or Shrimp Tempura Rolls, or even canned tuna, like in our Spicy Tuna Rolls. Not a big fan of fish? Stick with only vegetables, like in our cucumber sushi, or try different combos of what you like. These are your sushi rolls, so have fun with it.

Tool of the trade. To really succeed in rolling your own sushi, you’re going to want to pick up a reusable bamboo sushi mat. They’re relatively inexpensive, and once you see how easy it is to make sushi, we bet you’ll get a lot out of it. Check out our kimbap recipe video (technically not sushi, but a similar technique) to see it in action. Tip: Wrap your mat in plastic wrap before using. This takes away some of the reusable nature of the mat, but trust us, it makes cleanup much easier while you’re still getting used to riding.

Want to complete your sushi dinner? Discover our roasted edamame, our ginger pork potstickers, or our miso soup, or our seaweed salad to make a homemade meal as good as that of your favorite restaurant.

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