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Barbecue is more popular than ever, with the industry in the UK reaching over £2.2 billion last year compared to £150m in 1987 – it’s fair to say we’ve come a long way.

But this year, we’re barbecuing with a difference, with trends like cheaper cuts of meat, fish feasts and slow, slow cooking taking center stage, according to former chef and founder Tony Hindhaugh. of Parson’s Nose Butchers.

That’s not all, according to eat planted, we’re going to enjoy more meatless barbies, with inspiration from international flavors, like Japanese and Korean marinades. Count on us!

But barbecue is nothing new, in fact, the term “barbecue” is thought to date back to the 1500s when a Spanish explorer used it in print (back then it was known as barbacoa). Previously, it was actually the Taíno, indigenous people of the Caribbean, who originally came up with the idea, using it to describe the slow cooking of meat over an open flame.

Fast forward to today and the global market is worth billions, with Covid-19 catapulting the number of home barbecues held here in the UK 55 million in 2020with over 37% of us apparently turning our barbies on much more than before, according to a Waitrose survey.

So, in honor of one of the nation’s favorite foodie pastimes, we’ve rounded up our favorite barbecue recipes for the summer, featuring everything from grilled meats to grilled fish, grilled vegetables and easy marinades.

Here is Delicacies ultimate guide to the best barbecue recipes. Happy grilling!

Grilled meats

It’s fair to start with what a barbecue is best known for, its ability to cook the most delicious grilled meats. We’re talking about everything from classic chicken wings to pork chops and beef burgers (not to mention grilled whole meats like brisket).

There’s so much you can do when it comes to barbecuing meats, whether it’s skewering them, grilling them whole, or slicing them thinly and thinly, either way you you’re pretty much guaranteed to have great flavor (provided you know the basics of barbecuing, that is).

Grilled fish

Grill your fish whether salmon fillets, sardines or cod is the best way to infuse it with delicious flavors of smoky goodness.

For more delicate fish, it is advisable to grill the fillets wrapped in aluminum foil with a nice marinade. But for thicker fish, we strongly believe in grilling them directly on the grill, skin side down for optimum crispiness.

The salmon in particular is excellent grilled whole, or even on a skewer (these pineapple salmon skewers are a real hit).

You can keep it simple and go to town with a delicious salsa or dip to go with your fish, or you can amp things up by incorporating a more complex glaze that uses everything from rice vinegar and hoisin sauce to pineapple and melted butter.

BBQ salads

What’s a barbecue without a salad? Whether you’re craving something refreshing with watermelon and mint, or craving something tangy with beets and orange, no barbecue is complete without a great summer salad.

You don’t have to stop there either, with more of us embracing our eating styles you can ditch meat altogether and try grilling salad toppings like zucchini, halloumi and peppers for a combination of charred and fresh flavors to keep everyone happy.

Grilled vegetables

With a good side salad, you need a good selection of grilled vegetables. We’re talking about the kind that’s grilled *just* enough to be crispy, but still loaded with flavor (that’s also obtained have grill marks for a chance to make an appearance on our plate).


If you’re looking to earn grill master status at your next barbecue, a crunchy marinade is a must. Putting one together is pretty simple, but here’s a selection of our favorites that make the most of flavors like ginger, soy sauce, and even pineapple juice.

What else can I do on the barbecue?

As much as we love a traditional barbecue recipe, we’re also on the lookout for an unconventional ingredient or two. For starters, have you ever tried grilled watermelon? How about a barbecue peach? Or grilled pineapple?

Not just us Waitrose even revealed in its 2021/2022 report that searches for their grilled watermelon recipe increased by 65% ​​last August, while visits to their roasted and grilled fruit pages increased by almost 40%.

Elsewhere, you can also grill everything from whole cheeses (hello BBQ brie) to avocados and even tofu.


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