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Art Novo is a collective of established media artists, each of whom has helped bring dynamic and influential ideas to life. Each represents a practice rooted in experimentation, innovation and invention, and has gained significant recognition. Their works are known for challenging cultural norms in defiance of any artistic status quo, and have been celebrated in exhibitions by major international museums, galleries, on the internet and on television.

Art Novo is Irit Batsry, Robert Cahen, Theo Eshetu, Terry Flaxton, John Sanborn, Guli Silberstein and Nataša Prosenc Stearns – pioneering artists determined to explore new technologies and modes of expression. This is why they engage with the propensity of crypto-art to operate in a decentralized and self-preserving way without traditional hierarchy – deviating from the archaic structures of the art world – but creating intersections with traditional structures. and curatorial thinking.

Their interest in creating and publishing NFT crypto art stems from their passion for sparking change, gathering ideas, advancing and strengthening their practices, and demonstrating how blockchain is changing the very nature of art.

Art Novo actively recruits members of all races, genders and cultural backgrounds. We expect the collective to grow and develop to reflect the world we live in and the world we seek to the surface with a ceremonial movement.

Learn more about the project here.

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