American man orders South Indian food in fluent Tamil; The video goes viral

We all like to try different cuisines, right? ! Japanese, Korean, American, Italian, Mexican, we tried different exotic cuisines from different restaurants across the country (and abroad). But have you ever tried ordering food in the language of the culture where the cuisine originated? Sounds pretty unusual, right? ! Guess what, a man from the United States of America did it recently! An American YouTuber visited restaurants in South India and surprised the owners by ordering food in the Tamil language. One would not assume that an American man would know the Tamil language; therefore, all Tamil speaking restaurants were impressed to see the man speaking Tamil fluently. And now the video has gone viral!

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In the video, the man visits four Tamil-speaking food establishments in New York. First, he visited a local dosa food cart which is extremely popular among New Yorkers. Here the seller was pleasantly surprised to see the man speaking his language and talked about the history of the language. The YouTuber ordered masala dosa, Pondicherry dosa and uttapam from his cart. Passers-by also had fun seeing him speak Tamil!


The second restaurateur was so happy to see the man ordering food in Tamil that he even offered to feed the American for free! Here he enjoyed the onion rava dosa. Next, he visited a restaurant inspired by Chettinad cuisine where he ate Chettinad chicken curry. The woman here was speechless when she saw the man speaking to her in Tamil. Finally, he visited a Sri Lankan Tamil restaurant where he tasted a combination of chicken and roti.

Check out the full viral video below:

The video was shared on YouTube by @Xiaoma, whose real name is Ari, and the video has 1.3 million views and 40,000 likes. Netizens were amazed to see the American ordering South Indian food in Tamil and surprised at how quickly he picked up the language. Read what they wrote:

“The fact that you can have a conversation within 3 weeks of learning about it is absolutely mind blowing.”

“As a Malaysian who had Tamil speaking friends, I can confirm that we could eat for free if we spoke Tamil.”

“My favorite thing about Xiaoma is that he is not just a man who speaks several languages, but a total food critic. I mean, he says everything is delicious, but I also believe that it is. (sic)”

“It’s the best respect you can show someone. Learn their language because you want it and don’t need it.”

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