Amazon palm scan crate debuts at Climate Pledge Arena

In this special edition of its 5 Things series, Food Management highlights five recent technology-related developments affecting the restaurant world.

Here is your list for today:

  1. Amazon Palm Scan checkout debuts at Seattle Arena outlets

Fans attending sports games, concerts and other events at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena can now choose to pay for purchases with their palms at three additional food and drink outlets across the venue, while Modelo Cantina, Metropolitan Grill and 1st Ave Nachos concessions were rolled out. Amazon’s Amazon One palm biometric recognition technology as a standalone point-of-sale payment option. Four checkout-less contactless stores in the arena already support Amazon One payments in combination with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology which allows customers to select what they want from the shelves and walk away without stopping to pay.

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  1. Robotic kitchen prepares freshly prepared meals for nearby apartment complexes

Kitchen automation startup Jasper has deployed robotic kitchens in or next to residential high-rises, charging residents a subscription fee plus the cost of ingredients for meals. The platform is capable of preparing a wider range of menu items (costing from $1.20 to $16.90), including cod with steamed potatoes, chicken with paprika cream and desserts like sticky caramel pudding. “By operating robotic kitchens in or adjacent to residential high-rises, Jasper eliminates labor and delivery inefficiencies to provide residents with freshly prepared gourmet meals at home-cooking prices,” says the CEO Gunnar Froh.

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  1. The demo shows how several robotic catering services can be combined

The robotics division of Japanese technology and energy conglomerate Softbank recently showcased a future in which foodservice robots work hand-in-hand to deliver a meal to the customer through a demonstration featuring a Yo-Kai ramen vending machine. , a Servi server robot from Bear Robotics and Softbank’s own humanoid robot Pepper acting as host and performer. The demo is an illustration of a potential fully automated robotic future, as most food robotics implementations currently involve single robots that automate only part of the food service process (preparation, cooking, serving), but Softbank hopes to change this by providing integration services. to combine all the elements into a single integrated service offer.

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  1. UT researchers study robot-human interactions with delivery service

Four-legged autonomous delivery robots will arrive at the University of Texas (UT) early next year as part of a five-year campus study of human-robot interactions as researchers from UT received a $3.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation to support the creation of a robot delivery network on campus. The team plans to study how robots and a community can coexist and how to safely create, operate and maintain a network of robots among humans. Members of the UT community will be able to order supplies such as wipes and hand sanitizer through an app on their phone, and the robots, the size of a medium-sized dog, will deliver them door-to-door on the campus.

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  1. Robots deliver hotpot ingredients to tables at an Ohio restaurant

Ohio-based restaurant concept Mala Hotpot has added high-tech automation to the classic Asian hotpot experience that traditionally allows diners to customize a soup dish with a variety of ingredient choices. At Mala Hotpot, each table has its own heating elements and pots where diners prepare their creations from the ingredient they choose from the menu, with the chosen ingredients then delivered by a robot to their table already prepared, washed, chopped and ready for the pot.

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