“Alice’s Wonderland Bakery”: recipes for real life, if not real kitchens

Alice, who relies on the magical talking cookbook of her great-grandmother, the original film’s heroine, “uses food as essentially her superpower,” said Chelsea Beyl, executive producer and showrunner of the series. . “It’s, you know, how she connects with all these curious, peculiar characters.”

Some of these characters haven’t changed much since the 1951 film’s premiere. The show’s Cheshire cat, with its indelible grin and magenta stripes, and Alice’s feline companion Dinah might have walked out of the one of the frames from the old movie. Others have transformed or become various versions of the characters that inspired them. (It’s a multicultural wonderland.) Alice herself isn’t the preteen English schoolgirl in the film, but a very American-looking 7 or 8-year-old child who runs her own bakery in a cup of coffee. giant tea. (In Wonderland, anything is possible.)

“In the film, you know she’s thinking,” said Frank Montagna, co-executive producer and art director of the series, which uses computer-generated animation to create an enhanced version of the film’s world. “And so we really wanted to focus on that part of our Alice – that, you know, she’s always trying to figure things out.”

It involves trial and error for her, including at least one spectacular failure: in the pilot, the birthday cake Alice baked for Princess Rosa, a new character who is the daughter of the formidable Queen of Hearts, has magical nuggets that unexpectedly fly off all the royal guests, forcing the disgusted queen to end the palace festivities. (Pandemic-weary kids will likely identify with the disappointment of a canceled birthday party.)

To redeem herself and cheer Rosa up the next day, Alice throws an intimate un-birthday celebration, a concept found in both the 1951 film and the Lewis Carroll film.”on the other side of the mirror.” This cake is not ordinary either.

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