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Born on March 15, 1962 in the Royal Njemanze Dynasty in Owerri, Imo State, Prof. Philip Chidi Njemanze is the Chairman of International Institutes for Advanced Research and Training, Chidicon Medical Center, Owerri, State of Imo. Researcher at Souer’s Stroke Institute, St. Louis University, St Louis MO, USA, Njemanze, studied medicine in Russia, postdoctoral at the University of Munich, GUY’s Hospital London and Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston Salem, NC , UNITED STATES. He was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to study the brain in space in 1995, and has developed areas of cognitive neuroscience and neurocardiology. In this interview with CHIJIOKE IREMEKA, he spoke about the erosion of African culture and other critical issues.

“My books have generated more potential tourism revenue than the entire oil industry”

Lately we are starting to see a total departure from what used to be African culture for different reasons. What is your opinion on the rapidly eroding African culture? Or would you consider African norms and values ​​as unaltered?
I thank The Guardian for inviting me and for focusing on the issue of Nigerian culture. African culture is based on natural truth in accord with the forces of nature. Even when people go off the rails, the realities of life will hold in all circumstances.

The facade of influence of lower foreign cultural tendencies is temporary and transient. Its flaws are already apparent, as it is based on lies and fabricates belief systems. The time-tested truth is missing. The whole so-called Western influence is less than seven decades. So there is no way to go beyond African traditions that are thousands of years old. The truth is emerging that African cosmology is an unchanging paradigm for establishing global moral and ethical standards. Attempts at a paradigm shift have left the world’s population struggling to survive.

Consider the issue of natural African gender versus ideas of social construction of gender emerging from the West. Western ideology is already leading to the destruction of the natural family and the human population. African pro-life theology ensures the natural growth and development of the family. The Western idea exterminates the natural development of the family, but on the other hand will poach people through a borderless migration policy at the expense of other smaller nations. The latter is not sustainable as a development model.

Your readers need basic scientific information about the age of African peoples and traditions. We know this from the science of population genetics. It is the truth that white people will not like Africans and Igbos to know their origin. In genetics, analogous names given in the Bible are used. The first woman was Eve, she had the Lo gene. Then the first daughter had the haplogroup L1 gene and gave birth to the Igbo people who are the first humans on earth dating back 150,000 to 240,000 years ago.

The second daughter of the L2 gene are people from South Sudan, which date from 100,000 to 150,000 years ago. Then the third daughter gave birth to haplogroup L3, which includes all other black Africans dating back 70,000 to 100,000 years. L3 mutated and gave rise to Whites of the N and M gene haplogroups dating back 6,000 to 7,000 years. So, the oldest people on earth are the Igbo people living in Nigeria with haplogroup L1.

The Igbo once lived in Egypt as ancient Egyptian pharaohs and developed human civilization. Their hieroglyphs (ihe e ro e gee olu ife – what you think of when you listen to the sound of things) are the Igbo pictographic language and I teach it in my books. Unfortunately, because the Igbo offended God, they lost their place and became slaves in their own land of Egypt and were then called Hebrews. God promised them a land called Canaan (oke Nna – allotment of the Father), also called Nigeria (NGR – Nga Orie – the place of God). They were led here in the Exodus (Chi e du osa – God led the people) by Moses (oma isi osa – the anointed leader of the people).

The account of the Exodus has been described in my book: Exodus Part 1. Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume 4. The role of each tribe in Nigeria in the Exodus has been described in detail with pictures of the burial place from Moses to Yankari and all Ai and Jewish towns in Nigeria. Nigeria is God’s holy place where all events in biblical history took place and I show archaeological evidence to support this claim in my books.

It seems like a new acquaintance as not many people have heard of it lately. What inspired Solomon’s Temple and the Wailing Wall?
The inspiration for my series of books comes from the fact that as a scientist, I know that no white man can be Jewish by genetics, only as a convert. Scientifically and factually, only the Igbo are called Jews (ji uwa – responsible for the world). So the claim that whites are genuine Jews is a lie.

I then traveled to many countries in Europe and also collected ancient coins and went to archives and ancient churches to find out that the ancient kings of Europe were black and by reading the writings of the palace and ancient coins, I read them in the Igbo language. .

Most places like England (nga ala n’ide – secluded land by the river), Scotland (esecota ala n’ide – joined land by the river), Ireland (ire ala n ‘ide – tongue like land by the river), Wales (owa ala ose – Channel land by the river) were all ruled by ancient black Igbo kings. A similar amazing story came to light when I researched Japan and China. The first emperor of China was called Emperor Iyi (iyi – water) or the Water Emperor. It was Chairman Mao in 1956 who changed the name to Emperor Yu in modern Chinese. I have now taken detailed documentation of the ancient cave paintings and deciphered the writings in the Igbo language. This opened up my quest of the past 20 years to piece together the facts laid out in my books, volumes 1-5 so far.

Does this work of more than 20 years have an impact on the erosion of African culture?
The present book, Temple of Solomon and the Wailing Wall and Igbo Mediators from Yahweh Culture of Life Volume 5, describes the exact location of the ancient Temple of Solomon and the Western Wall. It shows with cartographic accuracy the images and exact dimensions of the temple buried under the current area of ​​Assumpta Owerri Cathedral, Imo State, Nigeria. The only difference is that the ancient temple was 10 times larger, covering an area of ​​2 km by 2 km. It was the largest building in the world, at that time called Rome (Orie Oma – Temple of Almighty God). The current Vatican in Rome was built in 1929 and was not the original pulpit of Saint Peter the first Pope.

The original temple where Saint Peter became the first pope was at the Temple of Solomon in the ancient city of Jerusalem, which is in the modern city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Temple of Solomon” (isi e lo ama ana – head that thinks wisely for the earth) but more correctly (isi ulo oma enu – the main building of the High Temple) with the same consonants. The book also describes the palace of King David (Di wu edo – light-skinned man) at the location of the royal palace of Njemanze of Owerri.

The original map locations were labeled in Yoruba, as this was the guide map for visitors to the holy city of Jerusalem. City of Jerusalem (iyi e rusalam – evil must not touch me, it is the evil of abortion prohibited in the Holy City). This copy was found in the former Palace of the former King of Dahomey, which is now the Republic of Benin.

The king was the chief of the three sages who came to Nazareth (Ana e zere uta oha – land where he dodged the arrow of the chiefs) at present Naze Owerri. All the peoples of the world will benefit from knowing their true history. The people of the world have been lied to for so long. I have come to bring this enlightenment to all.

What evidence, including archaeological evidence, to support this assertion?
We have all the evidence we need to begin excavating the sites. We are about to conduct ground penetrating radar surveys to identify the locations of large structures preceding the excavations. We have precision matching both with landmarks like rivers, place names and families. We have applied the precise science of ethnolonguistics. Even more precise is the science of theotoponymy, that is to say the designation by God of the places mentioned in Ephesians 3:14-15. All places bear their original names from biblical times to the present day.

What is the purpose of this journey of discovery of these sites in Nigeria and its people?
The Biblical History Holy Places Discovery Project will cover all parts of Nigeria in the North, South, East and West. All the holy places described in the Exodus journey (https://www.amazon.com/Igbo-Mediators-Yahweh-Culture-Life/dp/1646203003). These potential tourist spots, experts have estimated, would bring Nigeria $30 billion in tourism annually. It will develop much-needed infrastructure in the rural communities where many of these sites are located.

What my books have created for Nigeria in terms of potential tourism revenue is greater than the entire oil industry. There must be a national contingency plan to develop all sites. From the regions of the Philistines and Amalekites in the North, to the regions of the Gibeonites in the South, the Jebusites in the West and the Israelites in the East…all the ancient biblical kingdoms came to life in one Nation, Nigeria, as the records ancient civilizations. It is God’s gift to our people. Let’s go and use it.

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