A new Japanese restaurant is coming to the Derbyshire town

A Derbyshire cafe plans to open in the evening after being taken over by new owners. A-One Cafe and Kitchen also plans to serve Japanese and Chinese dishes.

The Long Eaton premises revealed the ideas after changing ownership between Sara Burton and Lia Ward, who ran the business as Ms Bs. Sara, 51, says for her change is necessary and she wants good luck to the new owner. She said: “It will be sad to see, but everyone has to move on. I think it’s time to change.

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“Thank you all for supporting us, especially during the pandemic, as we managed to keep ourselves afloat. Customer loyalty has helped us a lot.

“I wish the new owner the best. I think there is so much potential in Long Eaton now and I think he will come back to where he should be. I really hope they are doing well.

Lia, 34, added: “It is very sad that we have been serving the people of Long Eaton for a long time. I feel like it’s part of the heart of the community, but that’s what customers tell us.

“The new owners are charming and chatty and they know how important customers are to us. The cafe feel and atmosphere will always be the same and the food will remain the same.

“It’s exciting because they’re doing something in the evening and will bring something new to the city. Thank you to our customers who stayed loyal and came to the cafe.”

They have run the business for seven years, Nottinghamshire Live reported.

New owner Derek Chan said he wanted to bring some new food to Long Eaton, but the cafe will stay the same throughout the day. He added: “It’s very exciting and new. I feel happy.

Mr. Chan has big plans for the company

“We’re not only new to British breakfast, but we’re new to the area. We want to meet new people and become friends. When we see our customers happy, we are happy.

“We want to stick with all the food so it stays and doesn’t change to make all the cafe customers happy. We’re still planning the parties but we want to bring new food to the people of Long Eaton.”

Mr Chan plans to open in the evening, which will be different from the traditional British breakfasts and lunches the cafe serves in the daytime. He talked about his plans to serve Japanese and Chinese dishes in the evening, such as Japanese-style curry, Hong Kong-style roasted crispy pork and Chinese fried noodles.

New signs will be installed at the café in a few weeks. The former owners will remain at the cafe for the next three weeks for training purposes.

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