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Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. You get a crispy finish, without having to brush the food with oil and fry it. The only problem with grilling is that to prepare food this way, you have to buy a grill. Luckily, grills aren’t very expensive and are a great investment. It is possible to buy indoor grills, although for most people outdoor ones are the best idea.

If grilling is your thing, here are six exciting recipes to try:

Buy a grill

Before we get to the main topic of this article, it’s important to first cover buying a grill. There are many types of grills, available at different price points. According to grill reviews of https://bbqhost.com/best-kamado-grill/, kamado grills are a very popular choice. Kamado grills are shaped like an egg and originated in Japan. More and more home chefs are investing in them because they are easy to use and give people the ability to roast, grill and smoke food. Before buying a grill, be sure to read its reviews, as well as the manufacturer’s reviews.

1. Bratwurst

Bratwurst is a very popular German sausage, usually made from pork and veal. The sausage is most popular with members of the German diaspora, although it is still enjoyed by many people who are not of German descent. The most popular method of preparing Bratwurst is to combine it with a curry and tomato sauce, called currywurst. If you don’t live in an area with German delis or butchers, you probably won’t be able to get this sausage fresh, although you can order it vacuum-packed and already cooked from an online supermarket.

2. Hilsa

Hilsa is a fish found in abundance in the Bay of Bengal. It is a staple food in many Bangladeshi households, in Bangladesh and outside. If you live in an area populated by Bengalis, you should be able to find it. Hilsa is usually frozen and then distributed worldwide. Traditionally, hilsa is grilled and then combined with a sauce containing ginger, fennel seeds, ginger and chilli powder. If you want to make grilled hilsa, you also need to add Naga to it. Naga is Bangladesh’s most popular chili pepper (and one of the most potent in the world).

3. Cumberland Sausages

Cumberland sausages are a regional delicacy in England, and one of most popular sausages. If you have access to a grill, it’s definitely worth trying Cumberland. The sausage is traditionally served with mashed potatoes and peas, but if you cook it on a grill it will go just as well with a toasted bun and some fried onions. When the English barbecue, they tend to brush their sausage rolls with mustard and ketchup. Dijon mustard is an excellent choice for your barbecue.

Grill recipes

4. Giant Thai prawns

If you’ve ever been to a Thai restaurant, you’ll know that they cook possibly the best king prawns in the world. Thai king prawns are usually smothered in a delicious fish sauce, then grilled inside a banana leaf. The banana leaf really adds to the flavor of the shrimp, but if you don’t have access to a banana leaf, you can grill the shrimp as if it were a normal piece of meat or fish, then add the sauce afterwards. You can also brush the shrimp with the sauce at the start of cooking. Marinating them in the sauce is also an option.

5. Miso Burgers

Japanese cuisine is extremely popular right now. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably come across miso, which is fermented soybean paste. The miso burgers are absolutely delicious. If you are going to prepare them, then for authenticity it is good to use wagyu beef, which is the highest quality beef in Japan. You can marinate the beef in miso paste and then grill it. Miso is an acquired taste, so if you’ve never tried it before, it’s best to familiarize yourself with it before committing to eating a lot of it on your burger.

6. Szechuan Chicken

Sichuan chicken is traditionally roasted, which you can do on most modern grills. Alternatively, you can marinate your chicken with Szechuan rub and then grill it. Szechuan chicken can be quite spicy, so if you’re not very good at handling spices, it’s a good idea to choose something else from this list. Sichuan cuisine is the spiciest in China.

If you want to try grilling, why not explore what other countries and nations have to offer? There’s a lot more to grilled foods than just barbecued ribs and burgers, as this article shows.

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