4 mochi recipes to make Japanese desserts from rice cakes at home

If you have a sweet tooth and like to experiment with new dishes in your kitchen, you might like to try your hand at making mochi. Essentially a Japanese sweet rice cake, it can be made with many different toppings to suit your palate. Although it is traditionally made from mochiko (a glutinous rice flour), it can also be made from locally available sweet rice flour. It is usually filled with a sweet tasting red bean paste, however, it can be made with several variations.

While mochi is traditionally sweet and chewy, now culinary experts have transformed the style of cooking into various dishes. From mochi ice cream to donuts and waffles, the sky is the limit on your creativity when baking this dessert. Today we offer you 4 different recipes for making sweet mochi in your kitchen.

  1. Mochi Daifuku with fruit

Originally, this dish was prepared simply without any added color or flavor except for the sweet tinge of the rice. However, today you can make daifuku mochi fruit as a healthier variation with any of the available fruits you can get your hands on. From strawberries to kiwis to oranges, take your pick when making this mind-blowing dessert.

  1. Mochi Mochis Donuts

These recipes require red bean paste, so you should know that adzuki bean paste is actually rajma bean paste that is commonly used in Indian cooking. Whether you’re a fan of flavored mochi-based fried donuts or chocolate and chestnut cream mochi dessert, these recipes are for you.

  1. Mochi ice cream

While sweet rice cakes in themselves are delicious treats, adding ice cream as a topping can make them exceptional. Take a look at a recipe that lets you make mochi ice cream in just under a minute.

  1. Mochi waffles laced with condensed milk

While waffles are generally very crisp on the outside and slightly soft on the inside, mochi waffles tend to have a bit of a bite. While this recipe makes a classic mochi waffle sweetened with Ube condensed milk, you can substitute the ingredient for condensed milk with any other locally available brand. You can even add color or flavors to your waffles as you like.

Try some of these dishes the next time you want to whip up a fancy dessert in a jiffy!

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