25 recipes that add a touch of color


Everyone knows that food can make you feel great, but did you also know that color can do the same?

Chromotherapy or chromotherapy is the study of how color affects mood and there is a growing number of searches this indicates that it actually works. This is in addition to the thousands of years of chromotherapy use in Egypt, Greece, China and India.

There are other health benefits to ‘eat the rainbow‘ also. The more colorful the foods we eat, the more likely we are to get the full spectrum of nutrition in our tired body. It works a bit like this:

Red – tomatoes, strawberries and red pepper edges with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce cancer risk and improve heart health.

Yellow orange – carotenoids give their color to carrots, oranges, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. The most famous of all carotenoids is beta carotene, which keeps your eyes looking beautiful.

Green – Leafy greens, limes and broccoli are all rich in phytochemicals that have protective and anti-cancer properties.

Violet blue – beets, blueberries, red cabbages and eggplants are the blue heroes, colored by a pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins have antioxidant properties that protect your cells from damage.

So if you need a little boost or just want to brighten up someone’s day with a rainbow-kissing meal, here’s your ticket.

very red

A tender kangaroo fillet resting on a pile of spicy buttered red cabbage is a real dinner treat. This bright and cheerful dish has the added health benefit of over eight native herbs and spices.


It might be an apple a day that keeps the doctor away, but a tomato a day keeps the blues away. Fortunately, tomatoes are popping up in dishes in all kitchens, so we can keep tasting something new forever. Like this Cantonese tomato and egg stir-fry.

Added pep

When this vegetarian dish hits the table, hearts will sing. Red peppers are stuffed with rice, herbs, and baharat, or whatever you like. It’s that kind of dish.

Citrus burst

This chocolate orange cake would make you feel great even without the sparkle of the orange goodness. We have no shortage of orange cakes to please you. Try one of these beauties:

Carrot on

Carrot tzimmes are a traditional Eastern European Jewish dish eaten on the Jewish New Year. It’s made with all the good orange stuff to get you packed full of those eye-loving beta carotenes in the New Year.

Sweetness in the oven

When you see a candied sweet potato dish like this, are you tempted to jump in too? Bombs away!

Yellow yellow

So many spices are yellow in color – turmeric being the chef of all. This yellow rice chicken from Thailand is an aromatic dish that seems full of sun thanks to its generous amount of spice.

Green king

We crown spinach king of greens, knowing that broccoli isn’t happy with it. Sorry brocc, this cheese and spinach gratin goes well with the crowning.

Brocc enabled

Broccoli sees spinach gratin and counters with this exceptional cheddar pie. This crown looks a bit shaky …

Peas outside

Meanwhile, the peas are quietly here mashing them with bacon and eggs for the win.

Not so blue

These pretty dumplings will give you a double take and the blue pea flowers are responsible for this magnificence. A great way to “eat with your eyes”.

Get buns

Finns start their summer day with a blueberry bun and we think we should all follow suit. They look innocent, but they are embellished with cardamom to give your day a good start.

I can’t beet

A veggie burger with the lot including a touch of beetroot in the patty. It’s a mood boost in a bun.

Which brings us cleanly back to the top of the rainbow, ready to go around again. Enjoy your lunch!

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