23 Keto Ground Pork Recipes (Easy Low Carb Meals)

Tired of beef and chicken? Update your menu with these appetizing keto ground pork recipes!

I don’t often come across keto recipes that use ground pork.

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Considering it’s healthy, versatile, and very affordable, that just doesn’t make sense.

Stir-fried ground pork with green beans and pepper

I decided to remedy that by coming up with a collection of keto ground pork recipes that everyone will absolutely enjoy.

These recipes prove that ground pork deserves the same level of attention we give to beef and chicken!

Choose between crispy wraps, juicy potstickers and everything in between.

These recipes will be a hit for both keto and non-keto dieters.

This egg roll in a bowl is just as addictive as the real thing!

That’s because this dish has all the ingredients of the popular Asian dish, without the egg roll wrapper.

A fun stir-fry filled with ground pork, coleslaw mix, and eggs in an umami-rich sauce, this dish is what I call bliss in a bowl.

Drizzle with sriracha and Green onions for presentation and extra flavor.

Here’s another stir-fry that will have your taste buds jumping for joy.

This recipe makes the traditional dish healthier by using herbs and spices instead of bottled sauces to flavor the pork.

Spices here include ginger, garlic, jalapenos, and sambal olek, a spicy chili paste from Indonesia.

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If you like spicy food, this one definitely has your name.

Start your day off right with fried eggs and breakfast sausage!

Don’t just shop at the store breakfast sausage, yet. This stuff is loaded with carbs.

Make your own at home instead. It’s not as hard as you think, and all the effort is worth it.

This breakfast sausage explodes with flavors of paprika, thyme and many other spices.

National dish of Laos, larb is the best way to discover the country’s cuisine.

It is a meat salad made with sautéed minced meat cooked in fish saucechipotle powder, citrus and lots of herbs and seasonings.

Confused about the name? Fun fact: Although distinct in some ways, Thailand and Laos share similar histories, cultures, and cuisines.

They are actually considered brother countries!

Serve larb over greens or use as lettuce wrap filling.

These meatballs are moist, juicy and so cheesy!

This recipe combines ground pork with shredded cheddar, herbs and seasonings to give them that extra punch.

They are not only tastier than traditional meatballs, but also healthier. They’re keto-friendly, gluten-free, and baked, not fried.

Serve meatballs with marinara and zucchini noodles and enjoy.

The personality of a pizza usually depends on its toppings. This pizza gets its character from the crust.

Instead of the typical dough-based flour, this recipe uses ground meat for its crust. This idea is a stroke of genius!

Not only does this make pizza keto-friendly, it makes it even more to die for.

This stir-fry features ground pork, zucchini, and mushrooms cooked in Szechuan sauce.

Made with soya saucesesame oil, ginger, and hot sauce, the sauce is a perfect blend of savory, sweet, and umami-rich flavors.

Turn this stir-fry into a hearty meal by serving it on shirataki noodles.

In case you’re unfamiliar, shirataki noodles are a calorie-free pasta alternative with a firm, chewy texture similar to glass noodles.

Tourtière is a French-Canadian meat pie made with ground meat and potatoes.

This recipe makes a low carb counterpart to the dish that lets you enjoy the meat pie without breaking your ketosis.

The key here is to make a keto-friendly crust using almond powder.

The process is the same as regular making pastryso it won’t be difficult at all!

These egg rolls are literally wrapped in eggs!

The only thing that makes traditional Chinese spring rolls not keto friendly is the crispy wrapper.

This recipe solves the problem by using pancakes made from beaten eggs. What a good idea, amirite?

While these makeshift wrappers aren’t crispy at all, their rich, savory flavors more than make up for it.

These are peppers stuffed with ground pork and seasoned ground cauliflower.

They are topped with lots of cheese and roasted in a marinara sauce.

They are so filling and delicious that people may not even realize they are keto.

You’ll love the use of cauliflower here instead of actual rice.

Since their textures are very similar, you get that feeling of eating rice.

Who says you can’t eat a burger on a keto diet?

Of course, you have to skip the buns, but the lettuce is a surprisingly fantastic alternative.

These burgers are super moist, juicy, and full of flavor.

Besides keeping the dish keto-friendly, the lettuce also gives the patties a nice crunch.

How can potstickers be low carb, you ask? The answer is mozzarella.

Instead of dumpling wrappers, these potstickers are wrapped in baked mozzarella cheese sheets.

I mean, what a brilliant idea!

Just when you think potstickers couldn’t be more addictive, this recipe takes them to a whole new level.

This recipe combines ground pork, bacon, cabbage and cauliflower rice to form a simple but full of flavor dish.

While this mix of meats and veggies alone is pretty good, it doesn’t stop there.

The ingredients are cooked in heavy cream and tomato sauce, creating a thick and succulent sauce.

They look like burger patties, but they taste like meatloaf! This recipe puts a fun twist on the American classic.

Besides ground pork, these mini meatloaves also contain ground bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.

They’re slathered in a ketchup-based sauce, which provides a sweet and tangy contrast to the savory meat.

Chopped Brussels sprouts join in with salted and smoked ground pork to create a healthy yet delicious dish.

The combo is seasoned with an array of spices and seasonings, including cayenne pepper, ancho pepper, and paprika.

That said, expect this dish to have a significant kick!

Top the dish with runny fried eggs and serve.

This fried rice will satisfy your craving for Chinese food without having to give up your keto diet.

The not-so-secret secret here is to use cauliflower rice.

When sautéed with ground pork, eggs, peas, and seasonings, you’ll barely notice the difference.

Regular cookies and gravy are loaded with carbs, but there’s an easy way to make them keto.

For the cookies, you use almond flour and for the sauce, tapioca starch.

These flour substitutes are both low in carbs, yet provide the same delicious results as regular flour.

While this wonton soup does not contain wonton at all, the shrimp and pork dumplings make up for its absence.

Regular meatballs are great, but this one is next level.

The use of ground shrimp and ground pork gives the meatballs a wonderful combination of sweet and savory flavors.

Shrimp give the tender meatballs a crunch, to boot.

If you like dishes with fun textures, this Chinese stir-fry is a must.

The flavors are similar to what you would expect from a classic Chinese stir fry.

What makes it a cut above the rest is the addition of bean sprouts.

The bean sprouts add a nice juicy crunch to the dish, along with many health benefits.

They are high in protein, fiber and vitamin C, to name a few!

Here’s another Szechuan dish for the whole family. It might be a keto dish, but I’m sure everyone will love it.

The soup broth alone is already phenomenal, with its wonderful blend of Thai chilies, ginger, curry and rice vinegar.

The hot and sour flavors are really strong in this one!

Add savory ground pork and earthy mushrooms to the mix for a cozy, warming and soothing treat.

These pork ramen noodles are low carb thanks to shirataki noodles. The magical zero-calorie noodle alternative has struck again.

Besides being low carb, you’ll also love how incredibly flavorful this dish is.

Loaded with ground pork, zucchini and perfectly seasoned beef broth, this dish is Japanese comfort food to his favorite.

Do you like Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana? Make a keto copycat at home!

It’s a cheerful mix of ground pork, bacon and roasted cauliflower swimming in a creamy garlicky broth.

This homemade version is just as mouth-watering as the real deal.

Annyeonghaseyo! I’ve been cooking a lot of Korean food lately, mainly because I got addicted to Korean dramas.

If you’ve ever seen a Korean movie or TV show, you know how mouth-watering Korean food is!

Seriously, I can’t watch an episode without craving Korean food.

One of the dishes I’ve tried to make so far is this kimchi soup. And it blew me away.

While ground pork is a main ingredient here, it’s the broth that really steals the show.

Infused with kimchi, the broth achieves a blend of rich, salty, spicy, and sour flavors. It is singularly delicious!

Keto Ground Pork Recipes

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