13 healthy New Years Eve recipes to get a head start on your resolutions

What type of New Years character are you? Some of us are partygoers, determined to make the most of the last hours of the year. Others, like me, can’t wait to curl up in my most comfy pajamas with a friend, a good book, a cuddly pet – or preferably, all three! There are still others who find themselves somewhere in between, either booking a table for two at a favorite restaurant or welcoming a small group of friends home. Whichever description best describes your NYE plans, there is common ground we can all agree on. While indulging yourself is normal when it comes to celebrating the year ahead, I doubt any of us would want to wake up with a sugar or alcohol-induced headache. To help us beat back the bad vibes 2022, I’ve rounded up my favorite healthy recipes (and soon yours) for New Years Eve.

Remember: restriction is not the goal. My hope is to help you fill your plate with all the delicious and nutritious foods that will allow you to celebrate the holidays however you want while waking up ready to make your resolutions. I found everything from mocktails to satisfying main courses to small bites full of flavor. Get ready for gluten-free goodness (crispy homemade crackers!), Vegan delicacies (cheesecake!) And veggie-rich applications.

What I love about planning to incorporate healthier foods into my diet is the creativity it inspires. When you focus on bringing color and feel-good ingredients to every meal, the foods you create and consume are inevitably more satisfying. You might be surprised to find out how much closer and more connected you are to what you eat. And honestly, that feeling alone is way more rewarding than stressing out about the calorie count.

So, with abundance in mind and the excitement to try all the healthy food and flavor combos, let’s dive in. Get ready to end 2021 on a high note and ring in the coming New Year.

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Healthy cocktails

Pomegranate and mint punch

Why we love it: Pomegranates are the ever elusive ingredient that I desperately seek to make the most of when they are in season. Tossing pomegranate arils with blueberry and mint beautifully balances the sweet and tangy flavors. Believe me when I say this will be the best version of a non-alcoholic mojito you’ve ever had.

Hero Ingredient: I love the fresh, sweet flavor that mint can bring to just about anything.

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Joylicious Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer

Why we love it: It goes without saying that New Years celebrations have a reputation for being heavy on alcohol, but that doesn’t mean your night has to be. Lighten things up with an alcohol-free sip that’s all about the flavor. Simple basil syrup goes wonderfully with grapefruit and ginger. It’s refreshing and hydrating, and you can sip it knowing you won’t wake up with a hangover in the morning.

Hero Ingredient: When winter comes, I want all of my drinks to contain a citrus element. Grapefruit juice adds a bit of acidity and bitterness to give your drink some bite.

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Healthy meals and snacks

The First Mess Roasted Beet, Basil & Dukkah Avocado Tartare

Why we love it: When I travel alone or treat myself to dinner solo, I always order myself a steak tartare. Nothing could be more elegant than a minimalist presentation of raw meat and a raw egg yolk on top. Of course, it’s not something that I can or would eat every night. So when I feel like a bit of decadence and I know it’s been over a minute since I ate something green, come in: this avocado tartare. It just makes sense. Avocado’s high concentration of healthy fats are enhanced by capers, dijon, and red onion, creating a dish that is indulgent without feeling heavy.

Hero Ingredient: The slightest touch of tamari gives your tartare all the salty taste it needs.

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Dish by Dish Gluten Free Easy Crackers

Why we love it: Of course, it’s pretty much the easiest thing in the world to buy any old box of crackers and spread them out on your NYE cheese board. But if you are willing to put in the minimum amount of effort you have to make these wonderfully crispy crackers, you won’t believe they are gluten free crackers. Four ingredients. 30 minutes. I’m not lying, do this, stat.

Hero Ingredient: While you can use whatever salt you have on hand in this recipe, opting for some herb-flavored salt gives these crunchy, crunchy crackers incredible flavor.

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All the White Bean Hummus from How Sweet Eats

Why we love it: It’s basically a rule: when the hummus is on the table, the party has started. But since we’ve all come to the conclusion that there’s nothing that can’t benefit from adding all the bagel seasoning, the celebrations can’t really begin until you serve it.

Hero Ingredient: While most hummus recipes use chickpeas as a base, this version replaces cannellini beans instead. Sure, the creamy texture is delicious, but the more nutty, earthy flavor of the white beans pairs beautifully with all the spices in the seasoning.

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A Couple Cooks Spicy Edamame

Why we love it: Edamame has been a long time favorite in my family. Growing up, my sisters and I loved putting soybeans straight from the pod into our mouths. (Looking back, this was a pretty smart way for my parents to fit veg into our regular rotation.) Because edamame is so easy to eat a million before you realize you’ve reached the bottom of your bowl. , love it this spicy take helps me slow down and get the most out of every little bean. This recipe also requires a total of only five ingredients. Easy-to-win apps.

Hero Ingredient: Chili garlic sauce is a popular condiment in many Asian cuisines. Although similar to sriracha, it is a bit brighter and tangier thanks to the garlic. In this recipe, it will give your edamame just the right amount of spice without being overwhelming.

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Sweet potato crostini

Why we love it: Because I can eat sweet potatoes at almost any meal, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to eat my favorite starchy root vegetable. Well, leave it to the always brilliant Camille to invent this low-carb version of everyone’s go-to appetizer. Thinly sliced ​​sweet potato rings create crispy little toasts that are perfect for any seasonal topping combination you can think of.

Hero Ingredient: It must be the sweet potatoes. Trust Camille when she says you won’t miss bread.

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Tangy Beets with Fennel, Walnuts & Goat Cheese from Flourishing Foodie

Why we love it: Beets are one of my favorite foods this winter season. While not for everyone, I find them sweet and earthy. I love that this recipe plays its flavor with cloves, cinnamon and a little punch from the red wine vinegar. If you’re looking for a side to serve at your NYE dinner party, do it.

Hero Ingredient: The licorice and anise flavor of the fennel bulbs cuts through the sweet beets for a winning flavor combination.

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Gluten Free Tasty Galette With Tomatoes And Green Vegetables from Holistic Foodie

Why we love it: If your New Years Eve is more of a seated party than a finger food party, this patty is the main one to make. Patties are always my go-to when I want to impress without worrying about whether my dish will be or not. Purposely rustic, the patties are inherently and beautifully imperfect. It’s basically a pizza cousin and feels special enough to welcome the New Year with it.

Hero Ingredient: Vegan nut-based ricotta gets its distinctly cheesy flavor from everyone’s favorite vegetable protein source, nutritional yeast.

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The Roast Root Gluten Free Pumpkin Feta Penne Pasta

Why we love it: While it might not sound special enough to bring on your New Years Eve, it is not just any old pasta. This dish is creamy, comforting and cheesy, but more than that, it’s full of nuanced flavors thanks to the addition of caramelized onions and garlic. You heard it here first – pumpkin isn’t just for pie, folks.

Hero Ingredient: Speaking of pumpkin. Pumpkin puree makes for the ultimate sweet and savory pasta.

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Healthy desserts

Poached pears with chai spices and mascarpone

Why we love it: I was at a dinner party the other night where someone served spicy and sweet poached pears. While the presentation was humble, the flavor and overall impact of the dessert was beyond words. A total of seven ingredients (one being water) makes this just about the easiest after-dinner treat. And because when you’re working with something as deliciously delicious as pears, there’s not much you can improve on.

Hero Ingredient: Except … mascarpone makes everything better.

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Hello Glow Vegan Gingerbread Cake

Why we love it: Think you won’t be able to enjoy gingerbread after December 25? Think again, my friends. While the mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves gives off a typically warm Christmas vibe, you have my permission to bake this cake all winter long. It’s spicy, sweet, chewy, and of course chewy (as are all the best cakes). Plus, it’s completely dairy-free, so there’s nothing stopping you from having another slice.

Hero Ingredient: It’s not gingerbread without a bit of molasses. It’s hot, sweet, and even a little smoky, so you might even get away with doubling that breakfast cake the next morning.

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Minimalist Baker Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Why we love it: Surprised to see cheesecake on a healthy recipe list? I don’t blame you. While the dessert is generally reminiscent of the towering quarters served at The Cheesecake Factory, this recipe couldn’t be further from that. Cheesecake-like chocolate filling is made by mixing raw cashews and coconut cream. It’s a vegan touch that is nonetheless chocolaty, decadent and totally a dream.

Hero Ingredient: While the recipe calls for the optional raspberry sauce, New Years Eve only happens once a year. It’s time to do it all, that sauce included.

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