10 DIY recipes that aren’t worth it

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 in November 2021, there were many new DIY recipes for players to acquire and craft, giving them more variety to decorate their homes and islands. While some recipes in the game are extremely sought after, some are more trouble than they’re worth.

Whether it’s the number of materials needed to craft the crafts, the usefulness of the end result, or the availability of a better alternative, some recipes tend to sit unused in a player’s collection. From tools to furniture, a number of animal crossing items fall flat compared to the fancier items available in-game.


pile of money

The Pile of Cash DIY recipe is a decorative item that can, unsurprisingly, be given to a player by villagers with the Snooty personality type. It requires three batches of 99,000 bells to make, and comes in the form of a pyramid-shaped stack of bills, which can be customized to be gray or yellow.

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The bells, the currency of animal crossing, are an important part of the game, used not only to pay off a player’s home loan, but also to buy and sell goods at places like Nook’s Cranny. For most players, the amount of Bells needed to craft the Pile of Money could be put to much better use in other ways, rendering the recipe largely unusable.

Senmaizuke Barrel

One of the few recipes that uses turnips in its materials, Animal Crossing Senmaizuke Barrel is the game’s version of the Japanese object of the same name, used to make pickled turnips. DIY uses about 30 turnips in total.

Although the Senmaizuke Barrel is a unique item, its selling price is very low, at only 600 Bells. Since the turnips in Animal Crossing Stalk Market has the potential to sell for hundreds of Bells each, the cost to craft the Senmaizuke Barrel is usually not worth it.

Nice branch

One of the more random recipes added to New Horizons in Update 2.0, the Nice Branch is a “tool” item made simply from three tree branches. Once created, a player can hold the Nice Branch and press the A Button to rotate it.

While it’s the title’s appreciation for the little things in life that makes animal crossing one of the most comforting video games, this recipe doesn’t really have much use. Although very easy to craft, keeping the branch prevents players from being able to use other tools, making it a mere novelty.

robot hero

Maybe one of Animal Crossing most infamous craft, the Robot Hero is a huge statue whose recipe can be acquired through the Nook Miles shopping service.

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The Robot Hero has a long list of materials, including a rocket, gold armor, thirty rusty parts, ninety iron nuggets and ten gold nuggets, and it is because of this that Robot Hero not worth the effort for many players. Additionally, customization costs are high, requiring either around 50 customization kits or a payment of 40,000 Bells to Cyrus.

stone ax

The Stone Ax is one of four ax tools players have access to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the second that players will unlock. It requires a flimsy ax and three pieces of wood to craft.

The slow pace of animal crossing makes it a great game for any newbie player, and part of that is how it lets players slowly get used to its tools. The stone ax is a big step up from the flimsy axe, the first ax players are introduced, but once the recipe for the next ax is unlocked, it loses much of its usefulness.

Wobbling zipper toy

The Wobbling Zipper Toy is an item in the Bunny Day series, the materials of which are four of each of the six types of Bunny Day eggs. The Wobbling Zipper toy recipe can only be acquired from Zipper on Bunny Day, after a player has crafted all other Bunny Day recipes.

An unpopular opinion on animal crossing is the game’s use of real-time, which some players say can cause them to miss special events, and it’s the pressing requirements around the Wobbling Zipper Toy recipe that aren’t worth the work.

Magic wand

There are a number of wands in New Horizonsbut all are tools a player can use to instantly transform their outfits, and each wand recipe requires Star Fragments to be crafted.

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While in theory the wand is a great item for quickly changing clothes, it doesn’t really change a player’s appearance. Instead, the player’s original clothing remains and the wand outfit is “layered” on top of it. Since there are so many ways for a player to quickly change clothes, unfortunately the wand’s transformations aren’t as magical or convenient as they first appear.

Pile of Documents / Scattered Papers

There are a number of features in animal crossing which most players never find out about, but the one that caught many players’ attention is the special requirements for the Document Stack and Scattered Papers DIY recipes.

The materials needed for one item are the end result of the other, meaning that if a player has the recipes for both but not the items themselves, they will not be able to craft either item . This issue can be resolved if a player finds and purchases any of Nook’s Cranny items, but trying to find them can be a long and tedious process.


In animal crossing Medicine is used for two purposes. It can be taken by a player if stung by wasps, or given to villagers when sick. To craft the medicine, the items needed are a wasp nest and three clumps of weeds.

While these materials are relatively easy to find, Medicines can be found much more easily at Nook’s Cranny, where they can be purchased either as a single item or in bulk at a very cheap price. This saves players from having to save wasp nests they find and makes medicine available at all times.

cardboard bed

There are a handful of DIY recipes in animal crossing that use cardboard boxes, and while some can be useful, others leave a lot to be desired. The Cardboard Bed is made from four cardboard boxes and features in the homes of several villagers.

While this seems like a starting item, players benefit from a much more comfortable camping bed when they begin their journey on the island, and the vast number of other bed options available as the game progressing means the cardboard bed doesn’t really belong in New Horizons.

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