10 Best Cooking Mama Recipes: Cookstar


Cooking Mama is a basic cooking game series and Cookstar is the latest game added to the collection. Available now for everyone on Nintendo Switch and PS4, Cooking Mama: Cookstar still has all the fun of Mama’s Kitchen without the real risk of burning your dinner. With the added vegetarian mode and 90 recipes to unlock, you can whip up lots of new traditional and fun dishes from all over the world.

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The game now also incorporates a multiplayer mode with board games and two-player co-op. Once you’ve created your dishes, you can snap a photo and share and upload your delicious creations to Facebook and Twitter. With so many different recipes in traditional and vegetarian mode, there is plenty to cook. Here is a selection of classic and unique dishes that are fun to prepare or aesthetically stunning to share with your friends.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Rainbow grilled cheese on picnic

Rainbow Grilled Cheese is a colorful dish you’ll want to try and make yourself at home. One of the first dishes you prepare in the game, it surely stands out. It’s a simple recipe, with just seven steps to prepare, but the final presentation is the best photo opportunity.

It also starts to show you some of the cooking techniques that are common throughout the game and Mama is always there to fix things if something goes wrong. With different plating options and filters that really light up the rainbow effect, you’ll want to share your creation.

Sushi Platter / Sushi Veggie Platter

Sushi platter in a chic setting

The Sushi platter is a much longer dish to prepare because there are more ingredients to cook and present on the plate. With nine steps to complete, the dish represents Japanese cuisine, with traditional techniques as well. The tray includes Kappa Maki and Nigiri Sushi and uses ingredients such as Nori (seaweed), wasabi, and sushi vinegar.

Plating allows you to add more of each type of sushi roll to your dish as you like. You can even overfill the plate if you really like sushi. The dish is also very suitable for the chic decor of a photo with the presentation layout of the plate.

Beef lasagna / vegetable lasagna

lasagna dish dinner frame

Lasagna is a great dish to make as it involves preparing both the lasagna pasta sheets and the sauce topping before putting it together in layers to make the traditional Italian lasagna. With over 13 steps, you first prepare the sauce, then your pasta from scratch, before combining them to cook together.

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This dish is fun to prepare as it challenges you to use the different cooking techniques mom taught you and learn new skills with the pasta machine to make fresh pasta. It has different plating options and will definitely make you hungry while you cook it.

Pearl tea

picnic bubble tea

There aren’t a lot of drink recipes in Cooking Mama: Cookstar, but Bubble Tea is great for learning how it’s made, especially tapioca pearls. Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea, originates from Taiwan. In 13 steps, you mainly spend time making the iconic pearls that make bubble tea, and then the drink to mix with.

This recipe adds new techniques such as shaking the mixture and slicing the ingredients, but not with a traditional knife. It has a few different ending presentations that all look cute as part of the picnic for your final photo.

Pork shumai / Mushroom shumai

shumai in a chic setting

Shumai is a dumpling dish that originated in Cantonese cuisine. These are basically steamed dim sum dumplings with added pork or mushrooms. The recipe has seven steps and uses traditional soy sauce and wonton skin ingredients to represent Chinese dumpling recipes.

This dish introduces folding techniques as you have to wrap the pork or mushroom ingredients in the skin of the wonton to make the dumpling and quickly steam them for cooking. During the presentation, you can sprinkle as many spring onions as you want on your plate and take a photo with the traditional chopsticks included on your plate. Mama makes it seem like it’s easy to make compared to folding dumplings.

Pancake Breakfast With Bacon / Grilled Pancakes And Pineapple

Pancakes as part of the dinner

Pancake Breakfast is one of the last and final recipes you unlock in the game. In 12 steps, you prepare all the individual ingredients for a full breakfast that you cook together at the end. This dish uses skills and techniques that are common throughout the game in all dishes.

This recipe is largely inspired by the American breakfast with a stack of fluffy pancakes, fried eggs, potatoes and grilled bacon or pineapple. Add any sauces you’d like to your final presentation, from ketchup to maple syrup, and celebrate the completion of the game’s final recipe.

Salisbury Steak / Salisbury Jackfruit Steak

Salisbury steak in kitchen

Salisbury Steak is a traditional dish native to the United States that offers a hearty, home-cooked meal. It consists of a pancake, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a portion of mushroom sauce. In ten steps, you prepare the galette with all the seasonings, peel and cut the vegetables and boil the sauce broth.

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It is not too complicated a recipe; you can add steak sauce to your dish at the end of the presentation otherwise it is plated as is. It’s more of a soul-warming recipe and a reminder of home, and will make you crave a home-cooked dinner after you’re done cooking for mom.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

picnic rolled ice cream

Thai Rolled Ice Cream is a beautiful dessert dish that you need to eat before it melts. Originally from Thailand, this dish has grown in popularity around the world and is also known as stir-fried ice cream or simply rolled ice cream.

This is a simple six-step recipe that incorporates the techniques of mashing the ingredients together on a frozen plate and flattening the mixture before scraping the ice cream rolls. Presented in a jar with lots of cookies and sweet treats, this dish is pretty to show off on your social media to your friends. Snap a pic as part of this tempting summer treat picnic.

Galaxy smoothie

galaxy smoothie as part of the kitchen

Galaxy Smoothie is a more unique drink full of fruit, yogurt, and galactic swirls of glitter. It has seven steps in the recipe, mostly repeating the methods of using the blender to prepare the various colorful smoothies which are then blended to achieve the galaxy effect.

Although simple to achieve, the end result will impress your friends. You can sprinkle many candy stars on your finished drink to add it to the galaxy theme. A great beginner’s recipe to get you started with in-game drink making, these are simple but Instagram-worthy results in the end.

Beef burrito / tofu burrito

burrito as part of dinner

Burrito is a very appetizing balanced dish consisting of beans, rice and beef or tofu, all carefully wrapped in a ready-to-eat tortilla. Burritos are Mexican dishes that are part of Tex-Mex cuisine. The dish has nine steps to go through, including capturing all of the ingredients in the package before folding it according to mom’s instructions into the perfect burrito.

The burrito is served with tortilla chips to which you can add various sauces. It is suitable for dinner and kitchen settings in photo mode. Making this dish will leave you hungry for more Mexican food.

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