10 Best Bitter Melon Recipes for Summer

These unique bitter melon recipes are sure to enhance your weekly dinner routine.

Also known as karela, you can use this unique fruit in various recipes. But of course it works best in Asian dishes.

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Stir-fried bitter melon with pork, tofu and egg

First, you need to carefully cut off the outer layer and discard the seeds and the fibrous center.

From there, it’s incredibly easy to prepare.

Although you can eat it raw, it’s best cooked to help tone down the sour and bitter flavors – although it’s still quite bitter!

So if you love strong umami notes in your food, you’ll love these bitter melon recipes.

Easy Bitter Melon Stir Fry and More!

This bitter melon stir-fry is delicious on its own or with chicken or beef in the mix.

The sugar helps tone down the bitterness, while the garlic blends perfectly with the natural taste of the melon.

It’s a low-carb, calorie, and low-fat dish that only takes 30 minutes to prepare. (Adding meat will add more calories and fat.)

If you like earthy, zesty meals with a little spice, you’ll love it.

It’s also incredibly filling, so you’ll stay full and satisfied for longer.

This healthy egg dish is a Chinese breakfast or lunch staple.

It combines bitter melon, scrambled eggs, and various Asian sauces to create a tangy, robust flavor that’s hard to describe but easy to savor.

The savory flavor of eggs is a great complement to the bitterness of melon. And it couldn’t be easier to do.

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If you can scramble eggs, then you can make this dish.

If you’ve never eaten bitter melon before, be warned: it’s bitter. As mentioned, cooking mitigates this, but there’s no denying its strong taste.

It’s a unique vegetable with slightly tart notes that really isn’t for everyone.

That said, this Braised Stuffed Bitter Melon recipe is so phenomenal that I think your whole family is going to love it.

The salty and savory black bean sauce pairs beautifully with the acidity of the melon.

So give this recipe a try if you want to add something different to your dinner rotation!

Are you looking for an exciting new soup to try this fall? Why not try the stuffed bitter melon soup!?

This recipe is full of flavor and is perfect for chilly days. Plus, it’s easy to prepare and as healthy as it is delicious.

I admit it does look a bit strange – unlike most soups we are used to eating.

Luckily, that’s the textbook’s definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is a hearty and delicious soup that is sure to warm your bones.

Stuffed bitter melon soup is a Vietnamese favorite. But this soup made from bitter melon is more popular in China.

It features big savory chunks of meaty pork bones with bitter melon, pearl barley and lots of ginger.

This is the kind of soup that will fight winter colds and soothe sore throats. Luckily, it tastes fantastic while it does all that good stuff!

The broth is a little thinner than usual. Luckily, the big chunks of meat and melon make up for that.

Do you like vegetables and want to try something new? Check out this pinakbet recipe.

It’s a classic Filipino dish with pork belly and a crazy amount of vegetables.

Besides bitter melon, there are also onions, tomatoes, squash, okra and more. If garden vegetables are in season, this recipe is ideal.

It is naturally low in carbs and contains a decent amount of protein.

You will use shrimp paste to cover the bitterness of the melon. It also provides a hint of umami flavor.

Give it a try if you crave a nutritious meat and vegetable dish.

goya champuru is Japanese comfort food at its finest. It’s a simple stir-fry with bitter melon, pork belly, eggs, and tofu.

It has a warm, slightly bitter flavor that always tastes great. Each bite is salty, flavorful and exceptionally filling.

Best of all, you can whip it up in about 40 minutes with just ten ingredients.

It’s great when you can’t choose between Asian food and soul food.

These colorful, sweet-salty tacos aren’t your average Tex-Mex favorite.

They have a lot more spice and seasoning, for one thing. They are also vegetarian and overloaded with contrasting flavors.

They kind of hit all flavor profiles – sweet, salty, bitter, umami, and more.

And did I mention they’re good for people with diabetes? Yeah, these tasty tacos are hard to beat.

Of all the recipes on this list, this one has the most bitter melon flavor. It is a savory and savory dish that proudly showcases the unique taste.

So if you’re trying bitter melon for the first time, I don’t recommend it. Instead, start slower, with something not as strong.

Then, progress to this recipe, which is more for those who really like the bitter taste of the fruit.

If that sounds like you, try this one. It’s pretty good if you’re already a fan.

This vegetarian salad is healthy, nutty and sweet.

Yes, I said sweet. Bitter melon has almost no bite in this dish.

It’s a simple 20 minute salad combining bitter melon and tofu. You’ll also add soy sauce and some seasonings, but those are the two main ingredients.

The soy sauce adds richness, the sugar complements the melon, and the fresh ginger adds a nice heat.

Add salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds, and you’re done. It’s a quick and easy lunch option that anyone could make.

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